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 Unsaturated Polyester Resins
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·Vaccum infusion & Rtm resin
·Filament & Hobas resin
·Pultrusion resin
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·Sun panel resin
·Marine resin
·Fire retardant resin
·Mould resin
·Gel coats resin
·Adhesive resin
·Resin concrete resin
·UV curing resin
·Button resin
·Decorative panel resin
·Synthetic marble resin
·Putty resin
·Casting resin
·Wood coating resin
·Polyol resin
·Insulator resin
 Vinyl Resins
·Vinyl ester & Chemical resistance resin
 Epoxy resins

Implemented  the concept of advanced SHE of Eternal Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Head Office , established integrated management system, Combinated the requirements of  ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system.

During the design and  construction phase, Company  focused on  the nature of the security,  and the  product  equipment adopted advanced DCS Distributed Control System,import safety interlock system to product  equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc. Built with  advanced "three wastes" treatment facilities, such as waste incineration furnace, gas burning stove, wastewater biological treatment system.Establishing SHE Management Review Committee, throughouting  the implementation of SHE management systems review on a regular basis and improving sustainable preventive measures, and improving SHE performance went throughBVQI ISO14001 certification in 2009.

2011,we passed Safety Standardization level Ⅱ assessment which is held by the Chemical Registration Center of Jiangsu province.


To comply with regulatory requirements, implement environmental
Health and safety is very important for business developmenting,we will adhere to the principle of compliance with laws and regulations, Implement  the various operational control, make sure the Facilities operate  safely, To protect the safety of employees and working environment.

Everyone  participate in, to promote continuous improvement
Health and safety environmental protection is the common responsibility of all employees.,we will endanger the principle of the elimination and environmental protection, take preventive measures continuly and improve measures, to prevent occupational injury, unusual accidents and environmentfeal incidents.

Try to product safetaly, research and develop green products
Through a process of safe design to prevent the adverse effects and  any hazards of the products on the environment ., And develop green energy-saving products actively to reduce environmental impact and improve the efficiency of resource use.

Training communication effectively  and enhance corporate culture
Allow staff to receive training in safety and health education, environmental protection positively,consultate with staff through various channels to achieve effective communication of the opinion, enhance employee emergency response capabilities and integration into the living habits among companies to enhance the safety culture of health and environmental.

1、 No fire and explosion accident.

2、 No raw material level Ⅱleak accident .

3、 No serious injury , No fatality.

4、 No occupational diseases.

5、 Push safety standardization construction of the other production team ,pass through the evaluation with the requirements of the government departments.

6、 Pass through Safety standardization evaluation


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