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 Unsaturated Polyester Resins
Hand lay-up and Spray-up resin
Vaccum infusion & Rtm resin
Filament & Hobas resin
Pultrusion resin
SMC/BMC resin
Sun panel resin
Marine resin
Fire retardant resin
Mould resin
Gel coats resin
Adhesive resin
Resin concrete resin
UV curing resin
Button resin
Decorative panel resin
Synthetic marble resin
Putty resin
Casting resin
Wood coating resin
Polyol resin
Insulator resin
 Vinyl Resins
Vinyl ester & Chemical resistance resin
 Epoxy resins
Date Title
2019-1-9 Functions of vinyl ester resin and Its applications in molding compounds
2019-1-9 Eternal
2017-1-18 2015-16
2014-12-3 2013-14 Eternal scholarship rewarding ceremony at Wuhan University of Technology
2014-1-6 2012-13 Eternal scholarship rewarding ceremony at Wuhan University of Technology
2012-12-11 Mayor
2012-7-25 CCIA'S
2012-7-25 2012 annual tourism
2012-7-25 Our company was awarded industrial products production license review
2011-7-18 Eternal has passed the Second level evaluation of safety standardization
2010-9-27 The visiting of our company's construction of safty standardization
2010-6-3 Eternal was awarded "2009 Labor and Social Security A-integrity unit" honor
2010-6-3 Expo Tour
2010-3-12 Carried out the "love green green-maintaining, low-carbon" activity
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