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 2015-16 Eternal scholarship rewarding ceremony at Wuhan University of Technology Date : 2017-1-18

  On November 28th, Eternal synthetic resin (changshu) co., LTD., established in wuhan university of science and technology "Eternal material" scholarship awards ceremony was held smoothly.Lead guests attending the ceremony are: institute of materials, deputy party secretary shao-ping lu, polymer and composite materials, professor ji-hui wang, Eternal synthetic resin (changshu) co., LTD., vice general manager JianZhengFeng, Eternal, director of the institute (China) investment co., LTD., China Xu Long Lin, Eternal  Mainland human resources manager Ms.WangXinxin

  4 PM, Meeting started.First of all, secretary Lu on behalf of the institute of materials extended their  warmest welcome and most sincere gratitude.Then Lu congratulated  the award-winning students, and puts forward new requirements and hope  to the students 

  Assembly into the second, A speech was made by deputy general manager JianZhengFeng .He introduces the establishment of scholarship, and give the ardent expectations for students, he said, college students shoulder the task of the construction of country, the establishment of "Eternal material" scholarship is hope students can focus more on academic research in the academic career, making greater contribution to the state and society in the future.  

  Next, professor ji-hui wang read the student winners and congratulations on the award-winning students, award-winning students awarded prizes and took a group photo in turn.Subsequently, polymer 1401 class Fan Siyu speak as a representative of the students.
  Finally, Eternal (China) investment co., LTD., China  Dr XuLin introduces the basic situation of Eternal Material, Human resources manager ms wang Xinxin preached the enterprise culture.17:00 PM, "Eternal material" scholarship award ceremony ended successfully.


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