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 Epoxy resins
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Consulting : I saw a label of UV Resin from your plant,the LOT is 107006C,can it tell the production date?and what does the No. mean?thanks.
Reply : Thanks for your consulting!Our LOT is named this way:YMMXXXC,Y is the last figure of the year,MM represents month,XXX represents the batch No,C represents Changshu Plant.For example,107006C means it is produced in July,2011 in Changshu Plant,it¨s batch No. is 006. No. means different Drum No. of that LOT.
Consulting : Can you offer soft resins(Unsaturated)?Adipic acid or Sebacic acid kind is preferred.
Reply : Mr.Jiang,Thanks for your message!We have two soft resins,they are named 2110 and 2112AP,Judged by your comment,2112AP can meet your demanding.As to the details,you can contact with Mr.Qian,his HP is 15851507159,thanks.
Consulting : We want to make PE clear base boat paint ourselves now,can you introduce a type of your products for me? Our demandings are as follows:transparency is good,hardness is good,good adhesive between layers,easy to rub,not turn green is preferred,good adhesive with PU sprayed on it is needed.Please give us a reply as soon as you receive it,and a sample is preferred. Company :Zhangjiagang Daye Hotel furniture Co.Ltd. Address:Daye building,Houtengchengdong road,Jingang county,Zhangjiagang city.
Reply : Eterset 2307-S is a resin developed for high level wood base boat paint.mainly used in spraying or brushing for furnitures,intstruments and decorative panels.The properties of Eterset 2307-S is as follows: 1.Superb property of rubbing and adhesive. 2.Cure fast.good surface drying. 3.Good peoperty of anti-scrape and anti-abrasion. 4.Keep clear color after curing,don't turn green. From the above,We think Eterset 2307-S can suit you.
Consulting : Can you introduce vinyl ester's toxicology and it's application in the field of food packaging materials?Thanks.
Reply : Vinyl resin's main toxic part is Styrene Mono,it is irritable to skin when touched .It is harmful to human's liver and sidney for long-term touching.Ecology toxicity:LC50(fish):25.1-74.8mg/I/96H;EC50(aquatic invertebrate):--;BCF:13.5.But SM has its half period,so it can break down when released to the environment.When the resin is fully curing,the content of free SM is quite low,so the toxicity tends to be zero.Some Vinyl resins even can be used as food packages.
Consulting : Qusetion:Can you develop certain product to meet customer's specific demanding? And how about the maximum sample amount?Thanks.
Reply : Yes,we can.The sample for free is about 4kg in common.It can also vary from customer's actual usage.
Consulting : There are many PE painting resins named with X23XX,Can you tell the different properties and price of Eternal's 2307 and 2309 from them?
Reply : Most of the PE painting resins named with 23XX in the market are copies of Eternal's 2309M、2307-S,It is sure that Eternal's product has a better property and stability. Eternal is very strict on the getting of raw materials,and has a 40 years' experience in making it.These can't be copied. 2309M is DCPD type resin,for primer and secondary coat,can be used for Spray and hand coating of furniture、musical instruments and decorative panels. 2307-S is a high-lever PE painting resin for primer and secondary coatingit can also be used for surface coating.It is still light-color without turning green after dry.
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