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 Unsaturated Polyester Resins
·Hand lay-up and Spray-up resin
·Vaccum infusion & Rtm resin
·Filament & Hobas resin
·Pultrusion resin
·SMC/BMC resin
·Sun panel resin
·Marine resin
·Fire retardant resin
·Mould resin
·Gel coats resin
·Adhesive resin
·Resin concrete resin
·UV curing resin
·Button resin
·Decorative panel resin
·Synthetic marble resin
·Putty resin
·Casting resin
·Wood coating resin
·Polyol resin
·Insulator resin
 Vinyl Resins
·Vinyl ester & Chemical resistance resin
 Epoxy resins
Law compliance, faith keeping, moral behavior / Community feedback / Workplace beautification / The cultivation of our employees' national self-respect
Ever since its foundation in 1964, the corporate culture at Eternal has always been based in law compliance, faith keeping, moral behavior and community feedback. We also attach great importance to employees' integrity, workplace beautification and the cultivation of our employees' national self-respect as part of our efforts to build a good company image.
Protect the best interests of our shareholders / Take care of our employees' welfare / Dedicate our efforts to the environment / The growth of the company sustainably
Eternal is a responsible company. To take as its responsibility, our management team strive to exceed the demand of our customers, dedicate its efforts to the environment, protect the best interests of our shareholders, and take care of our employees' welfare so as to complete the missions confided by the company.

Introduction of parent company

Our parent company was foundede in kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1964, it began with the high-molecular resins used for people’s livehood, then expanded into resins for industrial use. In 1985,we steped into e-chemical materials production field.which producing copper clad laminate dry film photoresist .With industries upgrading, it puts IC, LCD, photo electronic and material for telecommunication industry into research and development. Sales market expands from Taiwan to areas all over the world such as southeast Asia, middle east, Africa, Europe and America.

Eternal entered a phase of rapid growth and diversification in 1995,overseas subsidiaries set up gradually,and new products develop constantly.In order to upgrate our technology,Eternal pay great attention to researching & innovation ,and actively joining in the discussion and cooperation with other famous companys from Japan,the Netherlands,Germermany,Switzeriand,USA ETC.Due to stable quality,Eternal is well recognized in the international market.

Eternal will continue improve the technical level,and actively developing global business strategies,moving into the world 'professional level.

Company Profile

Eternal Synthetic Resin (Changshu ) Co., Ltd Mainly engages in production and sales of medium and high-grade unsaturated polyester resins. It was founded in May 2006, with a total investment of 50 million U.S. dollars, covering an area of 120,000 square meters.The designed capacity is 75,000 tons / year, and is divided into two phases, phase one of 43.2 thousand tons / year is in use now and the phase two of 31.8 thousand tons / still under plan.

Our company Carried out trial production in July 2008, and obtained"dangerous chemical safety production license" in August 2009,and "Hazardous Chemicals business license"in September 2009,we were also awarded ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification and ISO14001-2004 environmental management system certification. In Sep. 2009.And we were approved the second level safety standardization in July 2011.

The company is located in Riverside chemistry Industrial Park, Changshu Economic Development Zone.Adequate supply of natural gas, electricity, steam and safety measures are ensured .The transportation is convenient too.we are only 3km far from the changshu economic developlent zone outlets of yanhai express way and adjacent to the Changshu International port.

Learning from nearly 40 years’ experiences of Taiwan and Guangdong plants,Changshu plant has the most developed UPR producing equipments and management system..We are trying our best to serve the market of Eastern、Northern and Southern west China with great products and technical supports.

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